4 online banking solutions for a small business

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Are you a small business that is trying to embrace online banking so as to simplify things for your clients? Well in case you have been wondering which online banking solutions you can adopt, here are the top 4 online banking solutions you can adopt.

1. Enable credit card payments:

Grant your clients the option to pay bills while using credit cards. That way, the money can easily be transferred from your customers’ bank account into your company’s account hence simplifying the transactions between you and your clients even when you are miles apart from each other.

2. Use echeck payment through direct transfer:

Echeck grants a client the opportunity to enter their information such as the routing number, account number, payment amount, and authorization just like they would do in a bank. Thereafter, the client’s money shall be transferred to you directly from their account hence completing the transaction.

 3. Allow mobile money payments:

When a small business decides to use the mobile money payment option, they will have to invest in getting a mobile card reader. These once inserted into your phone connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth which aids transactions through debit or credit cards while using a smartphone at all times.

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4. Use click-To-Pay Email invoice:

This is only possible if your company has a cloud-based accounting solution and through this, your clients can through a link in your email view and pay for invoices. Through making these payments by following a few clicks, your clients will be able to make payments faster.

Through these four banking solutions, your clients can make payments faster.

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