5 Key steps to follow while paying online using a credit card

5 Key steps to follow while paying online using a credit card - online banking

While shopping online, it is likely that you may decide to pay using a credit card so that whatever you have bought can be shipped. Here are five easy steps to follow while paying online using a credit card;

1. Enter your shipping address:

The shipping address usually is the address to which a client would love their commodities to be delivered. Once you are shopping online the website from which the goods are being bought would love to know what adddress they will have to deliver the goods so as to avoid misplacement of goods.

2. Select ‘credit card’:

Once it comes to the payment method, various methods shall be offered to you which may include things such as PayPal. However, since your preference is to pay by using your card, you select the credit card option.

3. Enter credit card information:

After selecting the credit card option, you are required to select information just as it is portrayed on the card. This includes information such as the account number. This shall give the online website access to your account where the money shall be withdrawn from.

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4. Add the Billing address:

Add the Billing address of your card. Usually the billing address is the address at which your bank is located and the money you are going to pay for the commodities is going to be withdrawn from.

5. Verify your information:

The final step towards completing the purchase of your goods is verifying your information so as to ensure that no eras are made at the time when the goods are to be delivered to you and the money is withdrawn from your account.

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