5 ways to keep your device from being hacked

5 ways to keep your device from being hacked

In an era where it is almost mandatory for every one to have a fully functioning gadget that can access various apps, many people are a high risk of getting their devices hacked. However, you needn’t worry any more as here are five ways to keep your device from being hacked.

1. Avoid accessing personal data while using WiFi:

Since most WiFi spots can easily be accessed by anyone in public, you ought to be extremely careful especially while accessing personal data such as your financial information. Through that WiFi connection being used by many people in the public, anyone can tap into the information and get your bank account hacked.

Hence no matter how much you love to use that WiFi spot, wait till you’re using a secure network to access confidential information.

2. Always turn off your phone features that you’re not using:

Your location can always be accessed by anyone through certain features on your phone such as your GPS, wireless connection or Geo-tracking, therefore, it would be essential to turn off these features so as to guarantee your safety at all times.

3. Watch the apps your download:

Usually, people do not mind the apps they download onto their device, however, it is very important to watch the sources from which you get your apps. It is crucial to download the apps from trust worthy sources.

Always download your apps from a trusted source that has been trusted and tested such as Google Play store or your Apple store.

Also, it is important to download your apps from the same source while you update your software as often as possible and above all, get rid of the apps that you no longer find essential for us.

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4. Strong passwords, lock code or encryption.

Make sure your password is strong containing various keys including letters, numbers and punctuation marks. That shall only make it harder for hackers to access your device and contaminate your information.

In case you opt to use the encryption feature on your phone’s private data can be protected and also ensure that your lock screen time should not exceed five minutes or it should even be less than that.

5.Trace or erase:

Always ensure that your data can be protected in case your phone gets stone for instance by logging out from other devices side from the one you have at hand, secondly, you could also set tour device in a way that it goes off multiple failed attempts to unlock it.

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