6 NGO’s Lose Operation Licenses Over Fraud

The government through the National Bureau for Non Governmental Organizations has decided to withdraw licenses from 6 NGO’s in the country.

The government went ahead to ban these from operations. Stephen Okello the Executive Director of the NGO Bureau announced that the banned organizations were Agape Sanctuary Ministries International, Christ Alive Glorious Ministries International, Equal Opportunities for Women and Children in Uganda, Dankind Academy and Global Health Community Empowerment.

While addressing the media about this issue, Okello said they were a number of irregularities that needed to be addressed.

“There is forgery of some of the NGO bureau documents that are issued by the bureau to some of it’s other stakeholders. Some of these forged documents include NGO permits, certificate of registration, letters of good standing that are issued to Telecom companies. There are also letters of recommendation for work permits that are issued to the immigration. We also have letters that are issued to banks. We also have certified copies of permits that are issued to different stakeholders.” Okello said.

He further added that as the regulating body of all NGO’s operating in the country, they had taken a decision to ban these organizations.

“We have taken a final decision that the permits of these organisations should be revoked. We have also cancelled their registration and because of their fraudulent nature, we have decided to blacklist them because they have already extorted a lot of money from people.” Okello further addressed the media.

Okello concluded by saying that they had decided to take a step in enforcing preventive measures to stop these organizations from operations.

“We have therefore decided to engage with different authorities to stop them from operating from wherever they are. We are therefore calling upon all the different stakeholders out there including the NGOs to become more transparent and accountable in all their your operations. Lastly we are calling upon out other stakeholders both the state and non state actors to help in the NGO bill in enforcing these decisions.” Okello concluded.

Many people have started up different NGO’s in the country all in the name of charity but instead end up fleecing people of their hard earned money.

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