Archbishop Kazimba urges believers to unite and clear Church house loan

Archbishop Kazimba urges believers to unite and clear Church house loan

Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has encouraged the faithful believers to unite and contribute towards clearing the Church house loan.

The Kampala Road based building loan  is seemingly becoming harder and harder to clear which prompted the Archbishop to call upon Christians in a battle towards clearing the debt.

While addressing the media yesterday, Archbishop Kazimba aired out his views in the increasing debt burden on the Church as he asked Christians to stand together with the Church in as far as clearing the loan in concerned.

In his point of view, this can be made possible of a minimum of a million Ugandans each contribute Shs 60,000 or even a higher amount in as far as clearing the bank loan is concerned.

“I want at least one million of you (Ugandans), and if each of you can send me Shs 60,000 or even more, we can settle this debt,” suggested Archbishop Stephen  Kazimba Mugalu.

Basing on his prediction, if the common cause is started on as soon as Sunday, by July the Church shall be freed of the constant burden of being reminded to clear the Church House related loan.

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“If we join hands, we can pay off the loan by end of July. More details will be shared,” he went on to inform.

The message is not only meant for Christians but also well wishers who would love to help the Church out of her current predicament that has been a constant pain since last year.

Let us all unite in a common fight to see to it that this bank loan is cleared upto zero percent, remember, blessed is the hand that giveth, not the one that taketh so contribute today and get your blessings.

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