Busia traders filled with rage after missing stalls in Busia Main market

Busia traders filled with rage after missing stalls in Busia Main market

Traders in the Busia border town are filled with rage after they missed stalls in the newly opened Busia main market.

The said market was recently opened at Solo A village, Western division and the council authorities started the distribution of stalls on Monday which sparked an out roar among the traders.

Conflict however started immediately some of the traders realized that they would not be in position to secure stalls as they had earlier assumed and planned to deal with.

Basing on the Western division town clerk, Pascal Moyah complaints have come in from over two hundred twenty traders who claim that they did not get stalls yet they were among the people that initially worked in the market.

Since the issue was beyond him, Mr. Moyah decided to forward the complaints to the district’s town clerk who he believes is in a better position to handle the people’s grievances.

Some traders still insist that the entire system needs to be put at a standstill since it is filled with bias and is not free and fair. Once the system has been rectified, they could resume.

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On another note, other traders complain that they did not secure a single stall while others got up to three stalls at a go. Such is the situation of turmoil in the recently open Busia main market.

However, the Busia Town Clerk Vincent Okurut says whoever did not get a stall had not initially registered on the list of those that were meant to be granted trading space in the district’s newly established market.

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