Business Comes To A Standstill Along the Uganda Rwanda Border After Health Workers Stage Strike

Business came to a standstill today 18th June 2021 at the Uganda Rwanda border of Mirama hills.

This was brought about by a sit down strike staged by health workers screening covid 19 among drivers and the residents of the area.

Non payment of these health workers’ allowances from October 2020 to June 2021 was cited as the main cause.

George Bakunda the RDC of Ntungamo district while speaking about this strike said the workers strike had halted the business community. He however added that they were working hand in hand to solve the crisis.

The head of the medical team in Mirama hills Francis Byamukama said that he was sure President Museveni did not know anything about this incident. He would have found a solution for them.

“I’m sure our president does not know anything about this. Am very much sure he is not aware that health workers at points of entry into the country are not paid. He would have said something because we are suffering like orphans. All the communication channels have been suffocated.* Byamukama said.

He added that they have been promised to get paid since last year but nothing has been delivered so far.

The truck drivers were so much disappointed as their trucks lay parked along the road sides.

These said that they sought to be told what’s going on and if there won’t be any change they look for a way forward.

The RDC however said that they had talked with Byamukama the leader of the medical team and the health workers had resumed their normal work.

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