City arcade traders afraid of President Museveni swearing-in related protests

City arcade traders afraid of President Museveni swearing-in related protests

City arcade traders are afraid of the possible impact of President Museveni swearing in related protests on their businesses.

The head of state President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is set to swear in on Wednesday the 12th of this month for his sixth term at the Kololo independence grounds.

However, many Opposition parties threaten to sabotage the event since the National Unity Platform intends to swear in party President Robert Kyagulanyi on the 11th whereas Forum for Democratic Change party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi asked party members to boycott the event.

It is upon this grounds that the city arcade traders through their umbrella body Kampala Arcaders Advocacy Forum (KAAF) chairperson Hussein Kato made an outcry to the government days prior.

In a statement released by the president, the traders state their cause as the statement in part reads;

“We the innocent traders are always the target by the protesters who always loot, burn and harm business owners and customers as well. Additionally, we wouldn’t wish for the same to happen. We suggest that those aggrieved should find other ways of solving the matter other than protests which might turn out to be deadly.”

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However, Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga came out recently and assured peace as he said;

“There are no specific threats directed towards the swearing-in ceremony although we anticipate disruptive activities by disgruntled politicians and supporters whom we anticipate will want to disrupt the process through demonstrations and use of petrol bombs. Our joint intelligence team is anticipating many other disruptive activities like burning tyres, blocking roads, and holding demonstrations but we are on top of this game.”

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