Coffee export quantity and value increases by 47% in June

Coffee export quantity and value increases by 47% in June

Uganda Coffee Development Authority has noted an increase in both the quantity and value of coffee being exported by June 2021.

Despite the second wave of Covid-19 that has greatly affected the various sectors of the country, the country’s coffee development authority had noted an increase in Coffee export rates as of June.

Statistics indicate that as of June 2021, 618,388 bags of coffee were exported from Uganda which is approximately US$ 58.56 million hence resulting in a 47% increment in both the value and quantity of coffee that was exported.

Previously, as of Finance Year 2020/21, the total amount of bags of coffee that were exported from Uganda stood at 6.08 million bags an equivalent of US $ 559 million which was also higher than export rates in FY 2019/20 with 5.11 million bags being exported and earning the country US $ 496 million.

Therefore, this showed a spike in the export earnings from the country and the coffee development body went on to observe that these were the highest export earnings for the country in the last 30 years.

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“#UGCoffee exports for June 21 were 618,388 bags worth US $58.56m, an increase of 47% in qty & value. Exports for FY 20/21 totaled 6.08m bags worth US $ 559 m compared to 5.11 m bags worth US $ 496 m in FY19/20. The highest total exports for 12 months in 30 years,” read the statement released by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

This only means that unlike earlier predictions of a drop in export earnings due to the surge in Covid-19 rates, the coffee export industry seems to thrive even better which indicates that the country shall really earn greatly from this.

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