The Battle Continues as court trashed ruling in Hamis Kiggundu Vs DTB case

Hamis Kiggundu

The battle is far from over as the Court of Appeal has of today nullified a ruling that was earlier on made in regards to the Hamis Kiggundu, Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) case last year.

According to the ruling by Justice Henry Peter Adonyo last October, the bank had violated the Financial Act of 2003 resulting in his judgment that Shs 120 billion with an interest of 8% be paid to Hamis Kiggundu for illegalities carried out against his account.

In the case presented before him, the plaintiff Hamis Kiggundu claimed that the defendant DTB had made illegal withdrawals from his account and the sum was equivalent to billions of shillings.

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However, basing on today’s hearing, the judge decided that the case be reviewed by the commercial court. He said this on grounds that the case in question had been amended several times during hearing at the commercial court and this was over looked by High Court.

To this, Kiggundu reacted bitterly stating that the ruling was not just and DTB Kenya has no power whatsoever to operate his accounts.

Hamis Kiggundu is a renowned Ugandans businessman that owns a number of enterprises and multiple business plazas within Kampala city all under a signature name, Ham Towers.

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