Farmers in Rwenzori region plead to government for better roads

Ugandan farmers in the Rwenzori region have pleaded to the government to help in the construction of better roads in Eastern Congo.

The farmers say that they are stuck with a lot of produce but have no market.

Congolese are their majority buyers but accessing Uganda is a problem for them due to the poor state of roads in the east of Congo.

COVID 19 has further worsened their situation depriving them of the available markets and they are now stranded with the produce.

Richard Nyakana a farmer while speaking to NTV implored the government to help and partner with the their Congolese counterparts in constructing motorable roads.

“We have production of eggs, milk all sorts of vegetables and other products. But the only issue we are facing now is the challenge of market. The market would not be a problem but we need to be organized.

Organization would also not be a problem but we need government intervention now. The Congolese in DRC are the main buyers of our products but their major challenge is the roads in their area. So we want to appeal to the President being the focused leader he is wanting everyone to get out of poverty to connect with the president of Congo and ensure that the roads the other side of Congo are worked on so that the traders can access the Ugandan side to buy all our products.” Nyakana said.

The State Minister in the Office of the President Diana Mutasingwa said that it was a delight to see farmers like Nyakana heeding by the President’s call.

She said government will do everything possible to assist these farmers in this situation because they have showed their commitment in fighting poverty through agriculture.

“If we can be able to work together as government and help these farmers like Nyakana who have come out to show that they have listened to what the government and president have to say and we partner with these farmers, they can be able to help nation youth and local farmers.” Mutasingwa said.

The government of Uganda and the DRC have already signed agreements for roads connecting Uganda and Congo to commence.

These were opened last month but the Ugandan President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his Congolese counterpart H.E Felix Tshisekedi.

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