Fish prices double in the Bunyoro sub-region

Fish prices double in the Bunyoro sub-region

Reports conducted by a reliable source indicated that fish prices have doubled in the Bunyoro sub region.

In the districts of Buliisa, Masindi, Hoima, Kikube and Kagadi, small fish that was initially at 3,500 shillings is now being sold at 7,000 shillings while the biggest size that was at 10,000 shillings is now at 20,000 shillings for Tilapia fish.

Tilapia is not the only affected type of fish as others’ prices have also increased seeing as a kilogram of Nile Perch currently is sold at 15,000 shillings which is 5,000 shillings more than it was being sold in January.

According to Chairperson Hoima central market, Edward Kamukumba,  the skyrocketing prices have been induced by the increasing crackdown on the usage of illegal fishing gear on Lake Albert.

This operation by the Uganda People’s Defense Forces on Lake Albert forced many people out of the fishing business since their fishing gear had been confiscated for being illegal.

Therefore, the output on the market declined hence due to scarcity and decline in the quantity of fish being brought to the mainland, the prices automatically rose so as to match the ever-growing demand.

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Implying that as long as the number of fishermen on the Albert waters declines, the prices of fish shall keep on increasing. Hence there’s only one way out and that is for the fishermen to get legal fishing gears.

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