Fishermen In Buliisa District Call For Security On Lake Albert

Fishermen carrying out their activities on Lake Albert in Buliisa district have come out to call upon the government to beef up security on the lake.

These want the government to come up with a comprehensive plan to protect their fishing activities on the lake from Congolese militiamen.

Many of the fishermen have been scared off the lake by persistent armed attacks from these militias.

Cases have been rampant in the past where these militia rob the fishermen’s engines at gunpoint doing the raids deep in the nights.

Julius Hakiza the Albertine region police spokesperson has constantly announced how investigations into these raids are underway.

The fishermen however are discontented with the way the investigations lag and offer no tangible solution to their woes.

It was said by Ugandan security forces how they were in talks with their Congolese counterparts to forge a way on how these attacks can be stopped.

The attacks have become more rampant since 2018.

Some fishermen have even at times been abducted by these militias and only released after payment of Ransom fees.

This comes amidst cries from these fishermen on how the fish levels have gone low and are on the verge of unemployment.

They also attribute this to fishermen who cross from Congo with undersized nets and illegally fish on the Ugandan waters.

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