Government finally clears the use of Covidex

Government through the National Drug Authority has today 29th of June 2021 come out to certify the use of locally manufactured drug Covidex.

Covidex was manufactured by Prof Patrick Ogwang under the PharmaBiotechbology Traditional Medicine Centre at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

The drug generated mixed reactions among the public a few weeks ago when it was put on market.

It was alleged that a person needed around 7 bottles of the 20mls bottle to get cured from COVID 19.

This led to the NDA clashing with the Prof Ogwang because the drug wasn’t certified.

Finally Ogwang was told to stop it’s sale until it had been verified and approved by NDA.

Ogwang went ahead to say the drug had not yet undergone clinical tests to determine it’s efficiency due to lack of funds.

However, while addressing journalists today, the executive director of NDA David Nahamya said that after several meetings with the creators of the drug, they had arrived to a number of recommendations.

“After engagements, the innovators have removed unsubstantiated claims that the product treats and prevents Covid-19 and revised it to supportive treatment in management of viral infections. NDA has granted Covidex an approval based on initial assessment, published literature and safety studies conducted by the innovator.” Nahamya said.

Covidex which is made from local and natural ingredients reportedly reduces the symptoms of several diseases especially viral ones.

Nahamya however added that they would continue to monitor it’s use and efficiency before advising people to be keen when using it.

“We call upon the public to immediately report any side effects from the use of this product to our toll free line 0800101999.” Nahamya added.

Although there is no proven efficiency of Covidex in treating COVID 19, a section of people who have used it testify that it’s very efficient.

It has already started being shipped to different parts of the country as it’s demand rises.

A bottle which before it’s halt costed around Ugx 10,000 now reportedly costs around Ugx 15,000.

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