Government to promote data based planning among farmers

In a bid to boost farmer’s revenue, the ministry of Agriculture, animal and fisheries under Hon Frank Tumwebaze has announced they will start to compile data about farmers in different regions of the country.

This is aimed at increasing the contribution of the agricultural sector to the national economy.

Tumwebaze also said that data driven planning guides agro-processing and industrialization to both the government and investors projects in the agricultural value.

He made these comments as he met grape farmers in Mbarara district.

“Data driven planning is very important. It will guide agro processing and industrialization . Different investors and government agencies in the agricultural value chain at times put equipment in places where there are no raw materials. So the profiling will help to guide interventions of government.” Tumwebaze said.

Grape farmers added that if they are provided with the appropriate machines, then it will help to boost their production.

They added that Uganda was still in a deficit of grapes as they still import grapes from South Africa for wine production.

The farmers also said that their market now too is less and people are generally frustrated.

“The market of fruits which farmers have been largely relying on selling to hawkers,vendors and other business owners are no longer into business. People are now frustrated. Some people have now even replaced banana plantations with those of grapes. If the market falls, they will really find it a hard problem.” Ham Ahimbisibwe a farmer said.

Alex Asiimwe the Chairman of Nyakayoojo grape farmers association said that the revenue government was getting from grapes was Ugx 2000 per litre.

He said that in total government gets ugx 2,200 from a lite of wine because there is also the digital stamp tax.

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