Government Won’t Give Stimulus Packages To Companies- Prime Minister

Prime Minister Ruth Nabbanja has come out to say how government won’t be giving out stimulus packages to companies in the country.

This follows a move in which the government under the prime minister and the national covid 19 taskforce came up with a strategy to give a stimulus package to people termed as vulnerable.

Nabbanja said that they had decided to advance this package in order to help those most affected by covid 19 guidelines.

These tough guidelines were issued by President Museveni last week and are similar to the ones of last year’s first lockdown.

A lot of people were rendered jobless and poverty levels among people heightened up when these measures were first declared.

As the economy was slowly picking up, these same guidelines were issued by the president last week to reduce on the spike of covid 19 cases.

Nabbanja announced that government would institute a committee to identify the vulnerable people to be helped by this program.

She added that details from NIRA and LCs will be used to identify these vulnerable groups.

Nabbanja however said that the sum to be given out won’t be Ugx 1million as some people rumored because government can’t afford that much money.

She went ahead to say that the urban vulnerable people will be given priority over any other category.

The prime Minister further went ahead to say that the reason for this project was to kick away corruption which characterised the giving out of food in the first lockdown.

Many people did not get the food because it was swindled by the middle men. However with companies such as MTN and Airtel, it will be easy to monitor their services.

She further added that vouchers will be used for those who do not have mobile money numbers.

Questioned whether companies will also be given stimulus packages, she said this won’t be possible.

“Companies won’t be be given stimulus packages to revamp their businesses. These should therefore look for ways on how to survive the pandemic because the resources are limited.” Nabbanja addressed the media.

However it’s not yet known how and if the exercise will be effected satisfactorily.

This is because most projects aimed at benefiting the common man have been hijacked by corrupt officials.

These finally end up swindling the money meant for public benefit to a few individuals benefits.

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