Gulu residents overwhelmed by the prices of fruits

Gulu residents overwhelmed by fruit prices

Residents in the Northern city of Gulu are overwhelmed by the increasing prices of fruits as attributed to scarcity.

A demand boosted by the growing belief that lemons and ginger boost immunity against the dreaded Covid-19, many people have decided to make in mandatory to purchase lemons on every trip to the market.

Basing on a survey conducted by a media house, the demands for fruits particularly oranges and tamarin are fast rising as well as the prices of other commodities such as ginger, garlic, red pepper and lemongrass.

Initially, a lemon vendor could acquire a big basin of lemons in between UGX 20,000 to 25,000 however, a basin now goes for UGX 50,000 as for a small basin of lemons, it is currently being purchased at UGX 20,000 compared to the previous UGX 5,000.

Due to the fact that a bag of ginger is now being sold at UGX 350,000 compared to the previous UGX 200,000, a kilogram of ginger currently costs UGX 5,000 unlike the intial UGX 3,000 cost. As for garlic, a bag goes for UGX 250,000 from UGX 110,000.

In reaction to these outrageous prices, a Lira resident Maska Tina Auma said that basing on the fact that fruits are essential for immunity boost, they ought to be available at affordable prices.

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A food vendor Jacky Awor confided that the rise in prices stems from the ever growing demand of garlic and ginger and also the inter-district ban yet local farmers cannot readily supply the fruits to the market.

Although this seems like the best time for vendors to benefit from the growing demand, many of them have given up the trade resulting from high prices of acquiring the fruits from other districts.

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