High demands result in the sale of immature lemons in Gulu market

High demands result in the sale of immature lemons in Gulu market

Resulting from the ever-growing prices of lemons in the Gulu market, traders have resorted to selling immature lemons to ever eager customers.

Due to the societal stereotype that lemons boost people’s immunity against Covid-19, there’s no telling how much people are demanding for lemons in the Gulu hence resulting in the supply of immature lemons.

Just like the immature lemons are the talk of Gulu markets, the price at which they are being sold is even more alarming seeing as a single lemon that used to be sold at UGX 200 is now sold in between UGX 1,000 and UGX 2,000 as per it’s size.

Ms Christine Apiyo from Pece Vanguard attested to the fact that the lemons being sold are immature as she last week bought seedless lemons with the hope of extracting the much-needed juice from them but to her disappointment, the lemons had no juice on them.

“I was disappointed because I spent Shs10,000 to buy the lemons,” Ms. Apiyo suddenly informed media of her unfortunate experience after she had spent an arm and a leg on the precious fruits.

Another victim Joseph Okello, a resident of Layibi Central also shared his experience as he said he had bought poor quality lemons twice especially from the same vendor as he said, “I now tell her to cut a sample of them before I can buy.”

Although many customers are in sorrow because of the increasing prices alongside the poor quality of fruits being sold, the vendors on the other hand are earning greatly from the lemon business.

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Mr Tonny Oyepa, a vendor informed media that he buys a basin of lemons from Oyam District at Shs 10,000  but at the end of the day, he usually makes a profit ranging between Shs25,000  and Shs30,000.

Additionally, the vendor narrated that he has been engaged in this business for three years now but currently, he makes at least UGX 75,000 on a daily basis since he sells up to three basins of lemons.

In their defense, farmers claim that the reason why they keep harvesting and selling immature lemons is that they could easily be stolen from their farmers hence they need to get them and sell them earlier.

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