How to do shopping online without OTP

How to do shopping online without OTP

Online Time Password (OTP) is a token used to verify a transaction when shipping with an online store. Usually, clients are required to verify a transaction either through a PIN or by using the OTP.

In a situation where one is using OTP, they are obliged to present their mobile number to which a verification request is sent, in the SMS, there’s an OTP which one must insert into the system so as to have the transaction verified.

Therefore, in case your plan is to boycott the OTP, your would need a fake phone number so that you are not tracked, a VPN meant to change your location, a fake billing address advisably a public place, you should also know the shipping policy of the company.

Although this seems easy Transact, only some credit cards can be used to execute the entire process specifically Non-Verified by Visa cards, (non-VBV) since they do not usually request for tokens.

As for countries like India, there maybe the 3D authentication and for someone to skip this process, they would require;

An online shopping portal with secure gateway rules, a Wi-fi enabled card and a card limit and finally one would require a foreign website that would not require verification from a local bank.

But you must also not that in case the transaction is fraudulent, the bank will reverse the transactions right away hence it is wise for you to us a fast and express shipping option.

Here is the A-Z on how you can be able to access commodities from online shipping without presenting an OTP;

Ensure that your the online shipping company your chose is foreigner. In this situation, you must avoid a local shipping website because in this case, a local online shipping company would require verification from a local bank which an international online shipping company would not ask for.

Secondly, make sure you have a non-VBV card. Unlike credit cards that require verification, Non-Verified by Visa simply require the credit card number and the expiry date hence you would use another person’s debit card and quickly finish the transaction before you are tracked down.

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Another option could be purchasing Bitcoins. Once you purchase Bitcoins, you can later exchange them for cash. Some of the websites from which you can buy Bitcoins include, Paxful, and Coinmama.

To shop online without OTP, one could buy non-shippable items. Through buying non-shippable items such as software like websites templates. It is wise to buy is from 3rd-party websites because a website like Microsoft would require verification. After buying these, you could sale them and get cash.

More to the list, one could purchase gift cards. This is advisable to be from a website that doesn’t require OTP. Some of these websites could be, Card, and many others. After this, you could safe these gift cards and earn money from it.

Some online websites that you could use for shopping include BigBasket, CardDelivery, Clovia, Dominos, Grofers, Lenskart, MakeMyTrip, My Gift Card Supply, Nearbuy and Pepperfry.

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