How to mine Crypto Currencies with your Laptop to earn $15 to $82 Per Day

How to mine Crypto Currencies with your Laptop to earn $15 to $82 Per Day

Hello readers, due to the pandemic outbreak, many businesses on the local market have been affected… However, in this article, you will learn How to mine Crypto Currencies over $200 per month, which is roughly $8 daily.  Without too much gossiping, let’s dive into today’s session… Open your web browser and type in this URL

After the website has loaded well, click on download kryptex to download the application. This will automatically alert you to create an account however, for my case, I already created one.

Go ahead and signup… To do this, enter in your email, password, confirm and accept, hmm, I hope that was super simple.

Thereafter, log into your account, and a quick one I will refer to mine… After I log into my account, I have a balance of around $14 I was testing mining since yesterday therefore after you download the application.

Now head to your downloads folder and open or launch the application. If you have ever installed any computer application, then this process should be super simple. Meanwhile, let’s continue reading this article until the end for more important notes/points that I will mention.

Well, to prevent damages to your hardware, wait for a while and follow up with me, It will now instruct you to sign in… Do so as I also sign in with the account I created.

To install some components for your Laptop, be patient a little bit… Thereafter you will see kryptex working mining on your Laptop and this will show you the GPU and the CPU on your Laptop.

This entire process is that super simple now it starts automatically mining on your PC and it will show you the temperature of the GPU for you to monitor it.

Furthermore, it shows you the power & the fan speed. It also shows you the usage of the GPU you can also turn off the GPU anytime. With this, you can leave the CPU on and see how you can earn.

Now here comes a question, how much can you earn from mining on your CPU only? Well, it is up to you to dangle with these switches and see how much you will make from the cryptics. I am now sure you can see how simple it is however, kindly be patient as I now share with you some of these tips.

For me, I can make 0.5 dollars daily though it’s that much, you too can do it. Meanwhile, this depends on how many solutions you are solving and the price of the bitcoin and the crypto in general. In some case, it also depends on your hardware therefore all you have to do is proceed and install the application.

Step 1

Kindly run the application to test your CPU and GPU and then find out how much you can make using your own PC and hardware in a month.

Step 2

Monitor the GPU temperature. For me, I always prefer installing some advanced applications you can also use like the GPU use that to monitor your GPU for example here go to sensors and see the GPU temperature if you are mining using cryptex or any other software application. If you are mining in general, always monitor your GPU temperature and ensure you keep it below 70.

In some cases, some sites will show you that you can reach up to 75 or less than 80 but for me, as I mentioned earlier, I keep it at 70. This helps me to keep on the safe side. Hmm, if you are using a Nvidia card, proceed and download the MSI afterburn application, this is free.

Now go to your downloads folder and run this application to monitor your CPU temperature.

How Do I withdraw my money?

Go back to kryptex and login after which you will see how many solutions you made and how much you have earned.

Until now, in this case, you can see the activity by solutions or by satoshi are pieces of bitcoin therefore you are earning bitcoins mainly this is your total balance. Simply head to here and click on request payment and thus that’s the beauty about kryptex as it can pay you with bitcoin, kiwi, Yandex Russian cards, web money, visa card, amazon gift cards, union pay, etc.

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If you now want to withdraw in bitcoin, all you need is to simply enter the bitcoin address however have it in mind that you will be charged about 11 dollars for each transaction.

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