How to protect your pigs from the African Swine Fever

How to protect your pigs from the African Swine Fever

Basing on reports from the agricultural sector, farmers have so far recorded a loss of at least one hundred pigs in Masaka district. This only means your pigs are at risk as well seeing as Swine fever spreads very fast.

What you need to know about Swine Fever?

Swine Fever is highly contagious as well as infectious and spreads rapidly among pigs which increases chances of it’s spread.

Usually, it is spread from one pig to another through soft ticks, wild pigs and direct contact between infected and uninfected pigs.

According to the Masaka district production officer, Dr. Vincent Mayega, fighting off swine fever shall be harder this time since most of the Veterinary doctors that would help with surveillance are already battling with the impact of Covid-19.

“Fighting Swine fever is becoming difficult because four of our veterinary doctors who could have boosted the district surveillance teams are battling Covd-19,” said Mr. Mayega as he went on to inform that they’re yet to establish the number of pigs that have died of the fever.

Additionally, he promised they would contain the fever and also, once the wet spell starts, the fever will die down since it thrives only during the dry spell.

“But I want to assure the farmers that we are going to contain the situation. The good thing is that this swine fever is only active during dry spells, once the rainy season starts, it will disappear,” he informed.

Mr Charles Ssewanyana, the chairperson of the Greater Masaka Multi-Stake Pig Association, urged farmers to follow health directives such as quarantining their animals and also not slaughtering them.

“We ask farmers to adhere to the set preventive precautions by the veterinary office if we are to control the spread of the disease,” said Mr. Charles Ssewanyana.

Control measures by farmers.

As a farmer, you could confine your herds of pigs among themselves so as to private them from catching the fever from other pigs that may be affected.

Secondly, limit in movement of the pigs since they could easily get in contact with other pigs with the virus while moving around.

Incase you have unfortunately lost one of your pigs to swine flue, bury the carcasse of the infected pig so that you limit on the chances of spreading the virus to living animal that are negative.

Occasionally carry out preliminary disinfection of the premises where your pigs are so as to limit the chances of your animals getting infected by the Swine Fever.

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Basing on Mr Bright Rwamirama, the State minister for Animal Industry, farmers shall soon breath a sigh of relief since scientists are yet to find the vaccine, “Our farmers will soon breathe a sigh of relief because we are getting the vaccine,” he encouraged.

Aside from Masaka, cases of Swine Fever have been reported in districts of Otuke and Kitgum so it would only be wise to watch out for your pigs before they end up dying from the deadly African Swine Fever.

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