How to take care of your poultry farm

How to take care of your poultry farm

Usually, people face multiple challenges while engaging in poultry farming which leads to arising of multiple questions on how to go about the situation. Well here are some key steps to guide you on how to take care of your poultry farm.

Experts advice that before you even start on a poultry project, it would be wise to engage a professional veterinary doctor so as to attain better and in depth understanding of what you are yet to engage in.

The essence of seeking out professional advice from a veterinary doctor is so that he aids in planning for a proper housing for the birds, what feeds to invest in, also so that you can come up with a vaccination schedule for your birds.

A farmer could also watch on their expenditure on feeds by planting a maize garden near by. You could always supplement maize from your garden with pellets or green which help to produce yellow yorks often times. However, it is wise to always keep the Veterinary doctor in the know so that you can tell what yorks to use and which ones not to use.

Another tip to add to the list is taking care of your poultry feeds as this could also be an inlet for diseases to your birds. Keep the feeds away from moisture because otherwise they will get wet and mould while chemicals may contaminate the feeds which affects the birds.

Every farmer ought to have a vaccination schedule for their birds and it’s key that you follow it religiously. For example, a farmer may vaccinate the birds against Marek’s disease on arrival while in the next two weeks, they could be vaccinated against Newcastle. Always stick to the plan made with your veterinary doctor.

Various birds require different space requirements basing on their types. Usually, broilers may require smaller space while on the other hand, layers require sufficient space among them which is very important to keep in mind.

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Although first time farmers are adviced to rear broilers, since in most cases they give an insight into what the does and don’ts of poultry farming her, it is also important for farmers to pick what they prefer.

An additional time is that it would be wise to seek advice from rekown breeders like Biyinzika, Bokomo, Ugachic and Kenchick. That way, a farmer can endulge in poultry farming with tips from people that have seen both the bad and good days and have finally attained stability.

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