Impacts of the second lockdown on Ugandan farmers

Impacts of the second lockdown on Ugandan Farmers

Following, the second lockdown, many sectors have been greatly affecting, the agriculture sector may be one of the most affected areas seeing as most of the guidelines affect is in one way or another. Although they have the liberty to go to their gardens from time to time, their field is actually crying out.

The lockdown has affected the economic earnings of most farmers since prices of produce have dropped while the rates of food insecurities have greatly increased in even rural households.

Basing on the Washington’s Heifer International, a global based development organization, 97% of the smallholder Uganda farmers have experienced income drops since the outbreak of the pandemic, while 86.6% experienced income pulge by more than half.

Furthermore, the research indicates that the survey finding were conducted on a total of 448 farmers while 10 agri-hubs were interviewed, four private sector partners and three district local governments.

Among the farmers, 87% were discovered to have eaten less than three meals daily since the outbreak of the pandemic, 31% to have had only one meal on a daily basis and 40% sometimes going for days without a single meal.

One of the farmers Mr. Eden Kamugisha while speaking to media, informed that the prices of eggs are too low for the earning to even cater for poultry feeds for the chicken which is worrying.

He went on to say that the situation is even worse for farmers dealing on small scales since they do not have their own transportation means of their products hence doubling costs for them.

While speaking, Mr. Kamugisha posed a rhetoric question in relation to the inter-district travel ban, he said, how would farmers without private means of transport access vaccines and necessities for their farmers from Masaka with the inter-district travel ban in place?

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Cash crops like coffee have also felt the impact of the lockdown seeing as countries that we as Uganda usually export to have dropped on their consumption of coffee since coffee bars and restaurants have been closed in Europe, Asia and America.

The food security Monitor as of May 2021 indicates a 15% drop in the market sales of beans in East Africa and this is largely attributed to the Covid-19 restrictions in nearly all the East African countries.

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