James Kakooza wins race to replace late Kasamba at EALA

james kakooza

James Kakooza has unanimously been chosen by Parliament to represent Uganda to the East African Legislators Assembly (EALA).

Kakooza shall be replacing the fallen politician Mathias Kasamba who passed away earlier this year three days after he collapsed at his home and was rushed to Kampala Hospital for treatment.

Kasamba had served as Uganda’s representative to the East African Legislators Assembly since December 2017 when he had been unanimously elected until April this year when he suddenly died.

Unfortunately, by the time Kasamba died, he still had an entire year to complete his term in December 2022 which only means that Uganda had to find a replacement for him to the EALA.

Due to this, Members of Parliament today conducted elections in which James Kakooza who stood unopposed was unanimously elected to represent Uganda to the East African Legislative Assembly.

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It was also prompted by a request put in by the ruling NRM party for the vacancy that was created before Kasamba’s death to be filled up by someone nominated from the ruling party.

In their argument, this request was put up to promote the growth of multi-party democracy in the country. Parliament decided to agree with the request and all 183 MPs seconded Kakooza’s joining of the EALA.

Hence James Kakooza has been voted to represent Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly replacing Kasamba who unfortunately died earlier this year.

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