Leaders propose a sum of Ugx 252,000 to be given to the vulnerable groups

Leaders in Kampala led by the lord mayor Erias Lukwago have proposed a sum of shs 252,000 to be given to the vulnerable groups as a stimulus package.

The government this week together with the national COVID 19 taskforce came up with a strategy on how to help the most affected persons by the guidelines issued by President Museveni in curbing down the spike of covid 19 cases.

These measures are expected to affect people negatively financially since they won’t be working.

Now the government through the prime Minister announced that they had come up with a scheme on how to help the most affected people.

It was announced that unlike the first lockdown where food was distributed, this time it would be money.

The Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja said that the food distribution exercise was characterized with a lot of corruption.

As a result many people missed out on getting the food, therefore money would be easier to monitor through companies such as MTN and Airtel.

However, as the committee set up is still trying to identify who qualifies and who doesn’t, KCCA has come in to advise on what should be done.

This proposal was arrived at during a meeting at City Hall. It was attended by the lord mayor Erias Lukwago, KCCA executive director Dorothy Kisaka and Kampala RCC Hussein Hudu.

The main points discussed were the effects of the 42 day lockdown and the interventions to be implemented to help those affected by it.

The leaders in this closed door meeting also discussed how vaccination of covid 19 will be done in different parts of Kampala.

“We have decided that all our 800 vaccination centres in Kampala should be reactivated because right now they are not operating,” Lukwago said.

They also went ahead to request government to quickly help the vulnerable communities before the lockdown effects become severe.

“If you calculate in a day that a person will need a minimum of shs 6,000, that translates into shs 252,000 for the 42 days declared.” Lukwago added.

These leaders also sought to get permission to be allowed to convene meetings to discuss the KCCA budget.

Lukwago said these meetings can be a hybrid of both physical and virtual in order to observe social distancing.

He further said that they were requesting authorities to let traders take their merchandise out of the shops if they wanted to.

The RCC Hussein Hudu added that government was going to avail mosquito nets and masks to vendors who have decided to stay in markets in line with the presidential directives.

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