List of the 5 best life insurance companies in Uganda

List of the 5 best life insurance companies in Uganda

With the unexpected circumstances in life, you can never tell what will happen in the near future, therefore, it would be wise to plan for the unforeseeable future and what better way can we do this rather than resorting to insurance. Since this is best alternative, here are the country’s best life insurance companies:

1. Jubilee Insurance Company:

This company is known for its key role in as far as ensuring that in the event of death, your family and loved ones are covered. It takes care of individuals and close families so that during their time of loss, they have a friend to lean on.

Aside from this, this insurance company is also known for its pension package. It keeps a pot of money stored for you so that at the time when you hit retirement, you have a portion of your saved up money to push you through the rest of your life.

2. UAP General Insurance Company:

Union de Assurances de Paris was in 1994 founded in France and provincial UK. Later, the company spread to a point of establishing branches in African countries such as Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, D.R Congo and Tanzania.

In Uganda, its offices are located along Kimathi street so in case you are interested in having your life insured by one of the country’s most sought insurance companies, this maybe the answer to your problem.

3. Britam Insurance Company:

Another of the country’s best insurance companies, Britam is located along Nakasero road, plot 24A Akii bua Rd Britam centre P.O.Box 36583 Kampala Uganda. Although it has been widely recommended for it’s exceptional role in as far as life insurance coverage is concerned, it is also known for its capable in relation to handling issues such as asset management and banking.

4. Lion Insurance Company.

Lion insurance company is part of the T.A holdings and belongs to a regional insurance group that has stretched it’s arms to neighboring countries of Botswana and Zimbabwe. In Kampala, it’s head offices are located at plot 15 Akiibua road, Nakasero, and their box number is 7658 Kampala, Uganda.

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5. Sanlam Insurance Company:

Sanlam company has various branches around the country some of which are found in the Eastern city of Mbale and also Kampala. Her attentiveness to her clients is undeniable and also, other insurance packages which include severe illness, disability cover, income protection and medical aid.

So what are you waiting for, visit one of the above insurance companies and secure your life not only for your own peace of mind, but also for your family members that you shall leave behind when you move on to the next life.

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