Livestock ban weighs heavy on Ibanda cattle traders

Livestock ban weighs heavy on Ibanda cattle traders

Livestock traders in Ibanda district have made an outcry over the total ban that was imposed on transportation and sale of cattle products.

This ban was imposed on Thursday with effect from Friday until further notice by the District Veterinary Officer Dr, Hillary Arinaitwe due to the increasing rate of foot and mouth disease in the western district.

However, livestock traders through the Chairperson of meat traders in Ibanda district Mr. Steven Katende Senku have made a public outcry that the notice was on short notice and will therefore have severe effects on their income earnings and source of livelihood.

Whereas some of the farmers like Robert Mugume who doubles as a farmer and a business man says some payments had already been made while some animals had already been transported to the abattoir for slaughter therefore notice of a day is insufficient for them to close business.

Even hotel operators in the district seek a pardon on the matter as they claim that a hotel business without meat on the menu is equivalent to no business since most customers are always looking out for meat.

To this, Dr. Arinaitwe responded saying that previous mechanisms to curb spread of the FMD were ignored which pushed them to the wall and forced them to close down businesses since it is the only way to stop operations.

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He went on to say that they cannot open the market especially since the FMD affecting animals is likely to affect humans too as they may end up suffering from fever, blisters on the body and sore throat.

While if the disease spread to another animal, it would end up having blisters on the mouth and foot, close to no appetite, Faber and a great drop in the milk production rates. Hence due to this, it is much better if the market is left closed.

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