Market vendors receive mosquito nets worth UGX 40 million from Equity bank

Market vendors receive mosquito nets worth UGX 40 million from Equity bank

Equity Bank, Uganda in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority has donated 2,000 mosquito nets equivalent to UGX 40 million to market vendors.

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, President Museveni ordered all market vendors countrywide to remain at their workplaces for the 42-days long-locked so as to limit the spread of the virus.

Basing on the Executive Director of Equity bank, Anthony Kituuka, the mosquito nets are a package aimed at appreciating the market vendors who have chosen to stay out every night in line with the President’s directive.

Additionally, the donation to the market vendors is a supplement to contribution of Equity bank as they also donated two brand new Toyota double cabin pickups that were valued at UGX 100 million to the Covid-19 taskforce.

“This contribution is in addition to what the Bank had previously donated to the COVID-19 task force that comprised 2 brand-new Toyota double cabin pickups and PPE worth UGX 100 million,” said Kituuka additionally.

Furthermore, Kituuka went on to say that as Equity Bank, their prime aim to spearhead socio-economic development and prosperity of the people of Africa through collective growth and empowerment as he said;

“It is a journey of collective growth, empowerment, community development, and uplifting each other to realize our full potential and as an inclusive bank. The vendors currently spending nights in the market are key partners, keeping them healthy is important to us, the current directive by the president aims at curbing the rapid spread of the disease. we believe with joint efforts we can fight to restore normalcy of lives and livelihoods.”

In relation to the Covid-19 guidelines set by government, he thanked the government for working around the clock to see to it that all the citizens of Uganda are kept safe from the deadly coronavirus disease.

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“We appreciate in a special way the Government-led strategy to keep all of us safe and believe that with unity of purpose and in partnership with our government, we will overcome this pandemic. As corporate citizens of Eastern Africa, Equity Bank Group is committed to doing it’s part to adhere to the governments’ stipulated guidelines and protocols to curb the spread of Covid-19.”

Statistics indicate that over 60% of Equity Bank’s loans are usually given to mean and women similar to market vendors who require fast processed loans that start from as low as UGX 500,000 just to ensure their businesses are still functioning.

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