Minister Frank Tumwebaze says Agricultural sector challenges can be solved if we work together

Minister Frank Tumwebaze says Agricultural sector challenges can be solved if we work together

Newly-appointed Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Frank Tumwebaze says Agriculture sector-related challenges can only be solved if we work together.

According to, all the challenges that the Agricultural sector has been battling with can only be taken care of once we decide to work together and come up with means to combat some of these problems.

Currently, the major issues limiting on agricultural excellence in the country include Foot and Mouth disease majorly in South-Western Uganda, potency of acaricides as well as the quality of seeds on the market.

However, Minister Frank Tumwebaze says that all these shall turn into small issues if we make a decision to work together and fight against such problems during an online discussion with some stakeholders.

“Since the cabinet announcement, I have been having intense conversations with many people, in my inbox, WhatsApp, email and voice calls. All are raising concerns mainly about foot and mouth disease, efficacy/potency of acaricides and quality seeds on the market,”he stated.

In reaction to this, he said that he believes the only way he can handle the various challenge as the Minister is by having maximum cooperation from the affected parties so as to be in position to solve the challenge.

“I shall cause a stakeholders dialogue and we candidly talk about these issues. My conviction is that all those issues can be fixed if we all cooperate. If all stakeholders can define the problems correctly then solutions will be got,” he said conclusively.

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Previously, Tumwebaze served as the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, later on he was appointed to the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, then he became the Minister for Presidency and Kampala Affairs and the latest appointment landed him the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

Looks like he shall indeed work his magic around the country’s agriculture sector since he has already started off with such commitment and focus.

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