Ministry of Agriculture studies on how to aid farmers to improve earnings from Hass Avocado

Hass Avocado

Hillary Agaba, the Director for Research at the National Forestry Resources Research Institute has said the Ministry of Agriculture is studying ways of ensuring that they eradicate gaps limiting farmers from earning enormously from Hass Avocado.

Although Hass Avocado is highly profitable, many farmers have faced embarrassment on the world market due to having poor quality products limiting on their earnings from the highly profitable fruit.

One of the Hass Avocado farmers Hamza Musubika from Mayuge district says that although he planted 100 Hass Avocado trees and expected to earn at least 350 million shillings, his dreams were shuttered when his garden was attacked by flower abortion last year

Did to such cases, the Ministry of Agriculture has decided to come up with a mechanism to help solve this challenge and  that’s why Ministry  has dug into this study in this particular sector.

To accomplish this, they have set up a 10-acre avocado model farm aimed at acting as a gene back for 11 avocado varieties.

These varieties are meant to be observed by various agronomists who will establish the differenct pests and diseases that are limiting on productivity.

Additionally, this garden shall be considered a national research center where scientists will determine the byproducts that can be made from Hass Avocado so as to add value to the fruit befire it’s export.

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Reasons why the Ministry choose Hass Avocado.

This particular fruit comes in a variety characterized by a dark green rough surface and it’s maturity span is approximately two years. Once mature, a tree could produce over 500kg fruits especially once it’s under good agronomic management practices.

Secondly,  no matter the type of fruit you choose, they are highly recommended since  it is one of the most nutritious foods since it contains potassium, fibre and acid that are particularly good for the heart.

More to this, Hass Avocado has a high demand on the international market and it constantly has a surplus demand. Due to this, Dr. Agaba stresses that the fruit is one of the most profitable crops.

The country’s aim.

Dr. Agaba further informs that the country aims at maximizing the production of Hass Avocado seedlings by a million avocado seedlings in the next year. These will then be given to farmers at a reduced fee of 5,000 shillings.

The study is therefore aimed at seeing to it that the local farmers are in a position to fully grasp this opportunity and earn the most from it.

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