Ministry of Finance set to unveil new COVID 19 fines

The ministry of finance under the directives of President Yoweri Museveni is set to unveil new fines that will be levied against COVID 19 directives’ flouters.

The President in his address said that it would not make sense to only imprison culprits of the COVID 19 guidelines.

He went ahead to direct the Ministry of Finance to work with other relevant ministries and draw up a list of measures on how to punish those found breaking the guidelines.

The President went ahead to say that the government could also make money from these criminals.

This directive came at a time when COVID 19 infections had soared up and are still on the rise.

This forced the President to declare a 42 day lockdown in a bid to curb down the infections.

Now in the proposed measures, the amount of the fines have not yet been finalised but will soon be.

However in the proposed measures for example if a bar is found operating, it will be the owner to be penalized.

Same will be for the places of worship, schools gyms and parlours plus other places that were closed.

It will be the owners to face the penalties.

The Finance minister Matia Kasaija made the revelation while welcoming in the new ministers in the ministry.

He went ahead to talk about the proposed COVID 19 stimulus package that will be given to the vulnerable people in form of money.

He however declined to mention how much it will be or where it will be got from.

“The money has to be accessed no matter what. I cannot simply sit and watch as Ugandans die of hunger. We will surely do something. We are going to have to suppress another expenditure to sort the on hand problem right now and see the rest after.” Kasaija said.

He added that they were going to use the information obtained from Local council authorities to identify the most vulnerable people in the selected communities.

Incoming state minister for finance Amos Lugolobi said the times they had come into the ministry were tough ones.

He attributed this to the pandemic that has ravaged the economies. He therefore added that they would work tirelessly to fulfill their jobs.

Outgoing state Minister for finance David Bahati also told the incoming ministers that the ministry they had come in was demanding just like any other ministry.

They therefore had to be there all the time when called upon.

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