Ministry of Health Eases Travel Guidelines For Flight Passengers

The Ministry of Health has started easing measures that were earlier instituted against passengers flying into the country from certain countries.

In the wake of the second wave of covid 19 across the country, the ministry of health instituted tough guidelines against passengers from some countries.

These included India and some from China. However the ministry has now allowed them to start coming into the country subjective to certain conditions.

Groups like students who had been stranded in China at the start of the pandemic are now being allowed into the country.

Passengers who have also been in transit for more than 28 days are now being allowed into the country.

This information was revealed by the coordinator of testing services at the Ministry of health, Andrew Tebba.

He said that they are reviewing testing labs handling the travelers to address the problem of discrepancy in results.

“We have started allowing some groups of passengers from category one countries. These have to be subjected to PCR tests. We have also had to deal with abusive language from some passengers which is brought about by poor communication. Some test negative and when they reach here test positive which requires being quarantined for 14 days. This problem is brought about by the quality of test swabs and those who do the tests.” Tebba said.

This is good news especially for the business sector owing to the fact that some traders can now get their merchandise from these countries.

It is also good news for the tourism sector which is currently struggling due to the covid 19 crisis.

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