Ministry of Health rolls out new guidelines for flight travellers

As the situation continues to grow tense in Uganda over the spread of the COVID 19 cases, the Ministry of Health came out to roll out new measures aimed at preventing the deadly COVID 19 pandemic.

These are however meant to be adhered to by flight travellers coming into and going out of the country.

It should be noted that Uganda has seen a number of flights banned both from coming and going to certain countries.

These include the United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, United Kingdom and recently Kenya.

The spike in COVID 19 cases and tight measures have been cited as the major snags on why these flights have been suspended until further notice.

In Uganda’s case, only flights from India have been banned because of the country’s unmanageable COVID 19 cases.

In a bid to curb down and ensure that Uganda’s COVID 19 cases are manageable, the ministry rolled out new guidelines to be followed by travellers who intend to use Entebbe airport.

Before one is to travel in and out of the country, they were told that the timeline for testing COVID 19 prior to travelling had been reduced from 120 hours to 72 hours.

“All travellers arriving or departing from Uganda are required to have a COVID 19 test taken within 72 hours of travel with effect from 3rd July 2021. Please note that the 72 hours begin on the day the sample is collected for testing.

This is against the background that Uganda is experiencing a resurgence of COVID 19 in the country and in particular a number of variants are circulating both in the country and across the world.

The Ministry would like to reiterate that all COVID 19 certificates for travellers MUST indicate TRAVEL as the intended purpose of the test.” The statement further read.

The limitation of flights has greatly affected the business community in Uganda especially the tourism sector.

This is because tourists are afraid to come into the country due to the different reports about Uganda’s management of the pandemic.

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