Ministry of works to start renewal of work permits

The ministry of works is set to begin the renewal of movement permits for all essential workers starting on Thursday 8th of July 2021.

The exercise will be carried out by the ministry of works personnel and not third parties who had earlier applied for this exercise.

Susan Kataike the principal communications officer for the ministry made the revelation while addressing media.

” We found out that there were pharmacies that had applied for work permits but operate outside greater Kampala metropolitan area. So if your pharmacy is on the NDA list but outside greater Kampala then it proves a bit challenging. If we have given you clearance then we go through our system and we find that your registered in Masindi, Arua, basically your outside the greater Kampala area, then what was initially cleared is cancelled.” Susan Kataime said.

This comes at a time when essential workers permits approved on the 22nd of June are expiring this week and therefore require renewal.

Of the 50,000 applications received by the ministry of works seeking travel permission, 20,000 have received clearance, 30,000 are pending while 400 have been rejected.

Travel restrictions were imposed after the President issued a 42 day lockdown to curb down the spike in COVID 19 cases.

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