Parliament Spends Billions On MPS iPads

As citizens continue to grapple with the dire conditions brought about by the global COVID 19 pandemic, parliament goes ahead to enjoy unlimited luxuries.

The latest is how these MPs have been able to access iPads worth billions of shillings.

The information according to NTV shows that parliament procured 560 iPads at a cost of two billion shillings with each costing about 3.5 million shillings.

Daily Monitor however puts the price at about 2.3 billion shillings with each iPad going for about 4 million shillings.

These gadgets arrived into the country on Wednesday and the deputy speaker of parliament Hon. Anita Among said that instead of asking for papers and documents, MPs could now use iPads.

Chris Obiret the communications and public relations officer for parliament while speaking about the iPads said that they will need about two to three weeks to be configured into the parliament system.

He however said that they will remain property of the Uganda government and anyone who wants to retain it will pay a government price.

“The iPads are being engraved and configured into the parliament system as per regulations. They will however remain government property and if anyone wishes to keep them, then they will pay a price set by the government and the money goes to the consolidated fund. These iPads are meant to facilitate MPs and update them on what’s going on plus sending them documents to read.” Obore said.

It’s also said that parliament reached an agreement with one of the local Telecom companies to provide free data to the MPs.

The iPads come after the same MPS had an amount of 108 billion put aside for them to purchase cars with each legislator pocketing a whopping 200 million shillings.

This is all at the expense of taxpayers money who are undergoing bad financial and welfare conditions worsened by the lockdowns.

Mps have had their allowances and luxuries remain intact despite the different ministries having their budgets cut down by 40%.

This is in a bid by the government to collect money to purchase COVID 19 vaccines.

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