Polythene Manufacturers Question Government’s Intended Ban On Their Services

Manufacturers of plastic and polythene material are not contented with the government’s intended ban on their products and have come out to question this.

Minister for water and environment Beatrice Anywar this week announced how cabinet had come to a conclusion to ban the production, importation or use of polythene.

This move has already gained cabinet approval.

The news however has been received with shock from the manufacturers of plastic and polythene in the country.

They say government did not consult them in the way forward since it is about to put them out of work yet it’s fighting poverty.

The spokesperson of The plastic and recyclers association Mr Moses Ategeka said that government ought to have first consulted the sector players before moving on to effect this ban.

He also said that with this move government was violating the 2019 environmental act.

“Consultation is good before you take an action but we weren’t consulted in this case. This ban is also in violation of section 76 of the 2019 environmental act which allows the production of polythene above 30 microns. Government has to sit down with the sector players and devise a way forward because there has to be compensation too of the people put out of business.” Mr Ategeka said.

In the same manner, farmers who were affected by the recently cabinet approved measures also raised concern.

The government announced that having a land title in wetlands was not a problem but what you did with the wetland is what mattered.

Farming in wetlands looks like will be outlawed but these farmers say this is rendering them jobless.

Humphrey Mukasa a farmer said that besides there are crops that only grow in wetlands.

He said that crops such as broccoli, cabbages, asparagus, greens and some root crops such as yams thrive better in wetlands.

Humphrey said that although they support the government’s move to preserve wetlands and the environment at large, it should first consider the ramifications that might be brought up by these laws.

However in a phone call with NTV, minister Anywar said that government will go to parliament to amend the existing environment laws to accommodate the changes.

This is going to be Uganda’s third attempt on trying to ban the use of polythene material.

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