President Museveni – Uganda has the capacity to employ up to 70 million citizens

President Museveni - Uganda has the capacity to employ up to 70 million citizens

While commemorating the International Labour Day, President Museveni said Uganda has the capacity to create over seventy million jobs as long as we embrace the idea of commercialized agriculture.

He further encouraged Ugandans to pay attention to NRM’s principle of socio-economic transformation as it has all the key solutions to our current predicament.

“We are going to create the jobs; the problem is the reluctance to take our advice which has worked. The jobs are there but they will only come in big numbers if we listen to NRM’s principle of social-economic transformation.”

He made the statement while criticizing the idea of labour export emphasizing that our country single handedly has the capacity to see to it that most Ugandans get employed as he said;

“For me I don’t believe in labor export. Countries that externalize labour are countries that have missed something. I have proof.”

While making a comparison to South Korea, he said Uganda had the ability to work with a system just like that of South Korea instead of the idea we had opted for to export labour to other countries.

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“I have never seen South Koreans exporting labor. The only South Korean I have seen is Ban Ki Moon. Their country is half the size of Uganda but you don’t see them. I am now for the South Korean approach,” said President Museveni.

Ugandan imports labour to mainly Arab countries and these usually are housemaids, security guards, secretaries, cashiers, etc.

However, some Ugandans lose their lives in a quest to find better employment hence it may be a better idea to embrace President Museveni’s idea and earn employment here instead of exporting able bodied Ugandans.

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