President Museveni urges people to embrace his business ideas

President Museveni has today 4th June 2021 urged people to embrace his business ideas especially the four sector model. He made this plea while delivering his state of the nation address.

The president has over time rallied people to embrace his four sector model that inculdes commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT.

“I strongly urge people to join commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT. With commercial agriculture, we are emphasizing the parish model. At the Parish, you are able to know all the homesteads .”President Yoweri Museveni said.

The president has over time and time again tried to fight the practices of subsistence farming and hand to mouth. He believes the four sector model is what will drive the nation from the third world status to a middle income country by 2040.

The President also addressed the issue of electricity which is a key factor in the manufacturing industry that plays a big part in the country’s development.

It should be recalled that the President a few weeks back called out UMEME for hiking prices of electricity. He added that this was hampering investment as investors feared the high costs they would incur. Museveni further said that he would deal with these people accordingly. He further asserted this in his address saying the government was going to find a solution soon.

“The cost of electricity is distorted by the mistakes committed by some of our actors without my knowledge. Especially the mistakes of Bujagali and UMEME. The high cost is caused by these. We shall see how to get out of this mistake.” Museveni said.

The president also addressed the issue of corruption that has eaten up the core of the country especially in the government institutions. Despite different measures set up by the president, corruption is still on the rise from top to bottom. The president however said he would deal with it accordingly in a rebel style.

“The corrupt people in Uganda Airlines thought that they were very smart. They will find out what sort of people “Bayekera’ are. We have young people who do not know the pressure of poverty. They will help me fight corruption.” President Museveni said.

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