Residents in Kyengera Town Council cry out to the government to start with them in the COVID 19 stimulus package

Residents in Kyengera Town Council an outskirt of Kampala city have come out to plead to the government to start with them in the proposed COVID 19 stimulus package.

The government and the COVID 19 national task force earlier this week proposed of how it had come up with a strategy to help those massively affected by the COVID 19 presidential directives.

These were termed as the most vulnerable people and the government went ahead to say that the urban poor would be considered first.

Slum dwellers, boda boda riders, single mothers are some of the categories that have been termed as vulnerable.

However, teachers, taxi drivers among others in Kyengera town council have cried out to the government to be given priority because they have run out of essential needs.

Ismail Lubega a teacher at Hana International School said they welcomed the idea of sending the stimulus package via mobile money so much.

He however requested the government to start with teachers in private schools.

“We welcome the idea of COVID 19 help so much especially through mobile money. I however request government to start with teachers in private schools because we are suffering so much. Some people in our families and even teachers are sick with no help.” Lubega lamented.

Denis Alfred Anguyo the Headteacher of Hana International School said that media had recently released a report showing that 1,000 private schools had been put up for sale.

This was because these had sunk in debts and could not pay them off. Therefore their closure would put a strain on the remaining academic institutions in accommodating these learners in the schools to be closed.

Ibrabim Kagere a teacher too said that the government should give priority to teachers in this stimulus package.

“Teachers more so those in private schools are really struggling. Some have resorted to odd businesses. I heard that the Prime Minister is planning to send mobile money. She should therefore think of teachers first.” Kagere said.

Peter Kasoma a taxi driver also chided in with his opinions saying that the low income earners and those who work on a hand to mouth basis had to be thought of first.

“The low income earners in my opinion deserve this money first because right now they have no rent food and other needs yet the lockdown is just beginning. The situation is really really bad. Those who are in the transport business are the ones who have been affected the most. Our driver who couldn’t travel to his home when the lockdown was announced died today in his house due to hunger.” Kasoma said.

The government is trying to come up with the right strategy on how to properly identify the vulnerable people that will be given this money.

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