Silk Industries Set To Be Set Up In 13 Districts By Government

In a bid to boost the agrobase industries, government through the Ministry of Science and technology has procured machines valued at over $4 million from China.

These are to be used in the establishment of silk industries in 13 districts allover the country by government.

The move comes at a time when farmers are trying to make silk a reliable and dependable product in a bid to sustain their livelihoods in a bid to kick out poverty.

The former minister of science and technology Dr Elioda Tumwesigye while speaking about these machines said that these would help to reduce in unemployment and save time.

“This machine unlike the old ones is automated and does not need a lot of personnel to run it. It will be producing 60 yard per day. These machines will help to achieve the objective of reducing unemployment.” Dr Elioda said.

Bashir Ajer the director of information in the ministry of science and technology said that Sheema district in Uganda had given out land for the project and would share on the rewards.

“Sheema district gave out 40 acres of land to the National council of science and technology to start up the project of growing silk. We found out that this land had been a source of less income for so long. Therefore we shall be able to share half of what comes out of this project. Am so happy that we have already harvested 11 million from this project.” Bashir said.

Dr Elioda added that the reason they had bought these machines was to turn cacoons into yard then finally to silk fabric.
He further added that yard was more sellable internationally. He also added that they could sell silk fabric and get more money.

These machines will ease the work in the textile industry whilst creating more money and employment opportunities.

It is waited to see in which districts the machines will be rolled out into. The President has for long called upon to embrace the four sector model approach in a bid to kick out poverty in homesteads.

This includes agribusiness, services, ICT and industries.

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