The best 8 ways to avoid check fraud in 2021

8 steps to avoid check fraud

Fraud is a crime punishable by the law and although it is a criminal act, people still go a head to steal from others. One of the most common means by which this theft is practiced is through having access your checks. Well, in this article, you will learn how to avoid check fraud.

While using checks, these are some of the means through which fraudsters can rob you of your money.

1.Theft and forgery.

Probably the most case scenario, in this situation, someone may steal your check or forge it and then endorse the withdraw of money from your account fraudulently.

2. Counterfeiting.

In this situation, the fraudster counterfeits your check which essentially contain both your account number and routing number. Once they have these in their grasp, they can successful withdraw money from your account with such information.

3.Check washing.

In this situation, after the check has been stolen from you, the theft shall replace your payee information with their own so that they fully have means to access your account with any difficulty.

4. Check kiting.

In so doing, frausters trick an individual into withdrawing funds against a deposited check which in most cases is a counterfeit check that has not yet expired and is still working.

Since we have learnt the various kinds of check fraud, here are the eight ways through which we can avoid it;

1. Pay bills online.

Since most banks have online websites through which you can pay bills, then it may be better to pay bills online rather than using checks which could easily land in the wrong hands and expose you to chances of being stolen from.

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2. Paperless billing & statement.

In this situation, your transact your bills without necessarily using papers, you could transact online or on your mobile phone and you would not require papers in order to ensure that the chances of being checked are close to zero.

3.Check your accounts often.

Frequently check your online banking account from time to time so that you ensure that you are in the know of what is happening within your account rather than being caught off guard upon learning you have been robbed.

4. Set up online alerts.

In case of any transaction on your account that exceeds a certain amount of money, you would be informed right away so that you can be in position to find out what has gone amess with your account.

5. Exclude personal information from your check.

In case you still use checks, while printing them, try to exclude as much private information as possible especially if it is not necessary. Exclude information such as your address so that you ensure your safety.

6. Examine new checkbooks for missing checks.

In case you acquire a new checkbook, check the number sequences so as to ensure that all the numbers are there and not a single check has been removed from the checkbook you have at hand.

7. Get rid of blank or used checks.

For checks you have already used or those that are blank, get rid of them with an aim of ensuring that frausters do not have access to your private information that has been shared on the check.

8. Be cautious with your checks.

While keeping your checkbook, ensure that it is kept away and locked from a place that can not easily be accessed by other people. This is to ensure that aside from your self and a few trusted people, no one can access your checks.

If you have now learned how to avoid check fraud, leave a comment in the comment section below.

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