Top 6 eCommerce SEO tips you need to drive organic traffic to your store

Top 6 eCommerce SEO tips you need to drive organic traffic to your store

In today’s article, I will share with you the top six eCommerce SEO tips you need to drive huge sums of organic traffic to your online store.

First things first, what is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of increasing a website’s rankings on search engine results.

What is eCommerce?
eCommerce means Electronic commerce. This refers to a business model that enables firms and individuals to buy and sell products or things over the internet.

Now since we are well versed with the two terms SEO and eCommerce. Let’s get a clear image of what eCommerce SEO means.

I will define eCommerce SEO as the process of acquiring more traffic to your website (online store) by making it more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). If your page is well-ranked in the search results, rest be assured of getting more traffic, therefore everyone wants their pages to rank higher in search results.  However, there a couple of factors that you have to consider for your web pages to rank higher in SERPs. In this, you will need to have your website well optimized for search engines.

With that cool introduction, let’s now have the top 6 eCommerce SEO tips that will enable you drive organic traffic to your website.

  • Always ensure you have an SEO strategy with you

There is a saying that goes failing to prepare is preparing to fail, therefore, this applies to Search Engine Optimization. In order for you to win and have results, you must prepare a medium and long-term strategy with the help of an expert.

  • Prepare a budget for Search Engine Optimization

Well, most of the people who run eCommerce websites are tempted to invest into Pay-per-click campaigns. Hmm, yeah from my point of view, this is understandable because you expect more conversions from your consumers via a PPC advert. However, I find it disturbing because with this approach, you will have to pay for almost every conversion which turns out to be very expensive.

Now what if you changed your approach today by hiring an SEO expert to make you achieve your goals. Meanwhile as you hire an SEO expert, have it in mind that investing in SEO will require a little more patience before you start seeing results. With this approach, believe me you will have more customers to purchase from you in the future. But again, while this approach will require your faith, it will at the same time become highly profitable when your website starts getting wholly organic conversions.

  • Develop High Quality Long-form Content

High quality content is by far the best way to gain organic traffic in recent times. Therefore it’s our responsibility to develop informative, entertaining, and engaging long-form high quality content. According to research, consumers always do not want to be treated like faceless and nameless cash dispensers by online businesses. Most of the people who purchase products or things online want to feel a connection to a brand. Therefore these will prefer even to purchase from such a business over your competitors. I guess now that’s a reason enough for you to personify your eCommerce website.

  • Always Update your Content

I am pretty sure none of us likes to write content most of the times simply because it is very hard and tiring to develop high quality content. Yes, it’s true that while coming up with long-form content is important, it’s not that simple as wake up one morning and write a blog post then count money… Think about it, if it were like that, then I and you would be all millionaires by now. What you have to put into consideration is that ever green content needs to be updated and refreshed from time to time, however alongside new posts.

Why do we even call this evergreen content? Hmm, we do so simply because this kind of content never ever loses its relevance. Trust me one blogpost after very many weeks or even years in the past may still continue to generate for you huge sums of traffic to your website. But still, times change because what you wrote at that might have been very true but then new information keeps chipping in therefore that’s why you have to run back to your old post and update it.

  • Make sure your eCommerce website architecture does not hinder your SEO efforts

In brief, the eCommerce website infrastructure and architecture requires the walking of a delicate tightrope. As you want to focus on your products and services for sale, for instance, making them the most and quickest accessible elements on the website. Kindly, avoid losing sight of the usage of high quality content as well simply because consumers who return to check in on your content contribute traffic. Additionally, even though they may not be making any conversions but then who knows the future, maybe they will turn out to be potential clients.

  • Create more industry relationships and make use of your network

With this, I am pretty sure that you are that for any successful businessperson, he or she knows that that connections are all they need. Therefore the same applies to eCommerce. Always build as many relationships as possible with various websites that focus on the same niche as your eCommerce store. These will surely get you free exposure and also will get you good quality backlinks. With this aspect of the most respected websites linking back to your eCommerce store, it will help you generate more visitors through the search engines.

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In conclusion, I urge you to invest in eCommerce SEO because it will help you increase on your conversions in the future. If you have liked this content, kindly share it with friends and family and year leave a comment in the comment section below or send us an email at

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