Top Crypto currency exchange in Uganda

Before investing in any business, an entrepreneur always looks out for the best odds especially when the services being offered are many and by different sector players.

Just like banking, where you find people investing in different banks for different reasons, it’s the same way with crypto currency.

One will invest in crypto currenncy due to numerous reasons but research should first be done to understand the best exchanger one should transact with.

The internet can be a good guide when choosing which crypto currency to trade with but at the same time can be misguiding at times due to a number of reasons.

Understanding the business of crypto currency is troublesome especially if you’re new to it due to the rigors associated with it.

The rules and regulations may require one to seek guidance from a trusted and experienced person.

With the business growing and more investors looking to venture into it, lots of companies dealing in the sector have sprung up.

It’s difficult to find one that can suit you wholly but below we break down some of the best crypto currency exchanges in the country.


This was formed in 2017 in China and is based in Malta.

It’s described as the world’s leading crypto currency exchange.

It opened it’s operations in Uganda in 2018 but ceased operations in the country in 2020.

However since the business is online, it can still be accessed.

When it comes to credibility, Binance is definitely a sure one because it has offered it’s services for some time now.

It charges only 0.1% on buying, trading and selling.


This is another Bitcoin platform in Uganda that can enable people to trade in crypto currency.

Formed in 2013 by Elizabeth Rossiello, it was the first Bitcoin company to be licensed by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority.

It’s easily accessible in most African countries as it’s where it’s focussed majorly.

Trading of any amount can even be done via mobile money and both trading and payment platforms are offered.


One of the most formidable platforms in crypto currency exchange, Kraken offers a wide variety of coins and tokens for people looking to trade in bitcoins.

It also has options for both retail and institutional investors.

Kraken has its operations in over 200 countries and has a wide number of advantages such as account management support, one on one advisories, expert insights etc.

It was formed in the US in 2011 by Jesse Powell and has it’s headquarters in San Francisco and therefore boasts over a 10 years experience in the field.

Besides it has the highest exchange in trading the Euro.

And for security, worry not because it has one of the strongest support systems.


With almost 10 years experience having been created in 2012 in the field of trading Bitcoins, LocalBitcoins is another platform a future crypto currency investor should look through.

It has about 30+ payment methods and is one of the credible platforms.


Another wonderful platform for trading in crypto currency.

It offers a peer to peer exchange (meaning there is no intermediation by a third party).

This offers a wide range of advantages and this is arguably the greatest platform when it comes to peer to peer services.

It has it’s services in about 58 countries with over 5 years experience.


This is another reputable crypto currency company. Founded by famed Bitcoin businessman Star Xu, it’s based in San Francisco but was formed in Beijing China in 2013.

It boasts of a number of advantages to the user and according to, “it allows you to swap two Fiat currencies for over 15 cryptocurrencies.

It’s one of the most trusted player in the Bitcoin sector and is easy to use especially for beginners.


One of the top ranked sector players in the Bitcoin sector, Huobi boasts over 8 years experience in crypto currency exchange.

Visiting Huobi’s website, one can easily navigate through their services with ease.


If you are new to trading Bitcoins, then Luno is the best go at platform for you due to its user-friendly layout.

Founded in 2013 as Bitx in Singapore, it later changed its name to Luno after it’s popularity grew.


Another peer to peer platform, Paxful was founded in 2015 by Arthur Schabacks and Ray Youssef.

It’s one of the easiest platforms to use and connects various sellers with over 300 payment channels.

It’s very easy to use when conducting purchases and sales.


This is another platform located in San Francisco and was formed in 2012.

A very credible source due to its longevity and reputation in the game.

It’s another platform that Bitcoin newcomers in Uganda can look out for.

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