UGX 146 M collected by Uganda Police from cyclists and motorists defying Covid-19 guidelines

UGX 146 M collected by police from cyclists and motorists defying Covid-19 guidelines

Uganda Police has so far collected sums amounting to UGX 146.5M from cyclists and motorists defying the Covid-19 guidelines set by President Museveni.

Basing on records that were complied by Monday at the Police headquarters, out of the 2,762 motorcycles that were confiscated, 2,430 had to pay 40,000 shillings to get their motorcycles back which totals up to UGX 97.2 million.

As for the impounded cars, out of 600, 493 were taken at a penality of UGX 100,000 hence adding up to UGX 49.3 hence both the amounts collected from the penalities making UGX 146.5 million.

Following the second lockdown that was imposed on the country as a means to curb the spread of Covid-19, inter-district travel was banned. Due to this, cyclists and motorists tried to defy the directive but ended in the gaps of police.

According to Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, cyclists, motorists, and whoever intends to breach the guidelines set by President Museveni should be ready for tougher actions to be unveiled by the Police.

“All along we have been pleading with the public to follow SOPs, but now we have reached a stage where the endless reminders must stop in exchange for stricter enforcement. For emphasis, all our frontline officers have been given guidelines to follow at checkpoints and how to verify the bar codes or all stickers issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport,” Enanga passed a stun warning.

During the first eleven days of the lockdown, taxi drivers were the greatest violators of the guidelines as they would ferry passengers to inter-district border points where others would carry on with the journey.

“In the beginning, taxi operators on both sides of the district were ferrying people to the border crossing points, where passengers could walk on foot and cross into the neighbouring district, then board to the KMP area,” Enanga informed.

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Among the renown areas fro violating this guideline include Lugazi-Mukono, Njeru-Jinja, Kyotera-Masaka, Ibanda-Mbarara, Mpigi-Kampala, Wakiso-Luweero and Kakerenge centers. More importantly, Enanga informed that non-essential drivers are not allowed on the road.

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