UNRA Promises To Have Northern Bypass Road Finished By October

The Uganda National Roads Authority has come out to assure Ugandans that the Northern Bypass road which has been under construction for some time now will be ready by October 2021.

The road was designated in 2004 to relieve traffic congestion within the city centre and is about 23km.

However in 2012, it was announced that the road would be expanded to dual carriage.

It was supposed to commence in 2013 but was further pushed to 2014 and UNRA subsequently awarded the contract to Mota-Engil, Engenharia E Costruccao SA a susidiary of the Portuguese company Mota-Engil.

According to Dr Allen Kagina the Executive Director of UNRA, they will need to do a few periodical maintenance checks.

She also talked of some of the pot holes and drainage channels which are silted or collapsed.

Kagina said that the population which lives nearer to the road have misused the drainage channels dumping there rubbish.

She also talked about the road side vendors who drop the garbage into these channels a thing that is proving to be a hard challenge to the road maintenance.

She tasked the local leaders to use their enforemnt powers to safeguard this road before saying it will be officially completed in October.

“We still have a problem with the population that lives close to the road and plus the road side venors. They use the drainage channels as their rubbish beans which leads to the channles to collapse and silt up. This makes the water to flood with the all the rubbish in the Rainey seasons. That’s why am requesting all local leaders to use their powers to address this issue. However by October we shall be finishing the entire project. Therefore all the interchanges from Naalya to Busega shall be open.” Kagina said.

The road has been and continues to receive funding from the European Investment Bank, European Union, and the Ugandan government with budget having been estimated at
at €67.4 million.

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