Updated Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Updated Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Hello marketers, I am going to discuss with you a very great topic known as email marketing. Therefore, get a piece of paper, pen and note down a few things that will be helpful for you right after this article. I have heard a lot people say that email marketing is dead and gone due to the introduction of video, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chatbots.

All I want to assure you is don’t follow those peoples’ talk because the whole truth is that email marketing is possibly the best possible strategy to grow your business. I say so because it’s ranked as the most effective marketing channel in the world right now challenging out Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and affiliate marketing.

Yes I believe there has been an increase in the usage of social media platforms but again the truth is there are more people who use email more than all those platforms you know. According to latest research, most people are on email and even the number keeps growing very single day.

Additionally, the beauty with email marketing is that you own the connections thus not having to worry about algorithm changes tapping your audience. Therefore I guess that is reason enough for you to start building a strong email marketing campaign for your business.

I hate it when people send me emails when they are totally off track. Therefore that is why I have come up with this article to show how to do email marketing from zero to hero. All I ask you is stick around until I wrap up this whole thing to my last full stop.  

Enough of that talk, let’s get started…

What do you understand by the term Email Marketing?

Email marketing is defined as a way of sending promotional messages to people in mass quantities. Additionally, with a motive to obtain sales or leads

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When should one use Email Marketing?

Well, there are very many ways to use email marketing however here the most common including using the tactic to:

  • Many use email marketing to build relationships through personalized engagement
  • Also, many use this method of marketing to promote their content… Yes they push out their blog content with their prospects
  • When someone wants to boost his or brand to his prospects
  • Of course whenever someone wants to generate leads to his/her business
  • Lastly, to Market products and services

A quick one, here are a few steps for you to follow while building your email marketing strategy from zero.

  1. Step 1: Build Your Email List
    While, you are at this step, you need to Know the people you are want to start sending emails to. Of course you wouldn’t wish to send someone you don’t know an email. One of the easiest ways to build your email list is by adding a banner or subscription form to your website and ask visitors to subscribe.

    You can attract the visitors’ attention through offering them incentives such as newsletters or product updates. Secondly, make sure you follow the email marketing laws and regulations. Don’t let all the legalese scare you – just make sure you never buy email lists and consider using double opt-in options so people know what they are getting into. Finally, make it easy for people to unsubscribe.

  2. Develop Great Content
    According Neil Patel, email marketing is 100% all about expectations, and therefore it gets back to you to set them. In order for you to count on a successful email campaign, always ensure you have a strong call to action and also make sure your follow-up is consistent.

    Hmm, this worsens up the situation when for instance you promise to send people emails per week and you end up sending them daily vice-versa.

  3. Analytics and Segmentation

This article is to be updated in a week’s time, thank you for reading

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