URA apologizes after one of it’s brand ambassador uses inappropriate language in promoting the brand

Uganda Revenue Authority was forced to apologise to the public over the weekend after one of it’s brand ambassadors used language deemed inappropriate.

The body’s ambassador in the Western region Kachaina put up a piece advertising URA activities termed process by process.

The advert read “Ask me anything about URA. I will take you process by process.”

Process by process is a word that has of recent become synonymous with Ugandans after politician Peter Ssematimba’s house maid came out recently to allege how the former MP had sexually taken advantage of her naivety.

She said the politician had taken her process by process finally giving into his sexual advances.

Ugandans then jumped on the words which have become popular which led to Kachaina also using the word.

However this artwork received backlash from some social media users saying the body was siding with sexual harassment.

“A young woman describes coercion into sex by her older, powerful politician employer when she was 17. Essentially sexual harassment.
The terminology she used becomes the bane of jokes. Then
jumps on it and makes this poster. Shame on you for legitimising sexual abuse.” A tweet read.

This forced both the body and it’s brand ambassador Kachaina to apologise for the language used.

Both parties maintained that it wasn’t their intention to hurt anyone and regretted the decision.

“We regret the choice of words used by our tax education comic influencer – Kachaina in his most recent works and we confirm that is not our work.

We ‘ve asked him to pull down the creative works from his social media platforms.

We apologise to everyone who has been offended.” URA tweeted.

Kachaina also went ahead to issue a different statement with his own apology.

“I take this opportunity to apologise for my fans, my brand and on behalf of URA brand For using the word process by process which didn’t appear good to many people.. it wasn’t intended to abuse anybody.” Kachaina in a statement.

Many companies have been backlashed at by the public for use of language deemed inappropriate over the years.

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