USA socialite Sharee Whitfield to invest in Uganda

Sharee Whitfield

USA actress Sharee Whitfield has expressed her interest in investing heavily in various sectors in Uganda.

Some of the sectors that the socialite has shown interest in include the country’s cultural heritage, its tourism sector, the real estate industry, and also the movie production field.

The actress’s point of view of the country was inspired by the tour she and other sixteen celebrities in the leadership of Akon had when they attended the official swearing-in of President Museveni earlier this month.

She was thrilled y the country’s beautiful scenary that motivated her to invest in it’s lucrative sectors since she believes she could earn massively from investing in the pearl of Africa.

“I plan coming back soon because I want to explore this country and its people more. You have the best weather and I see myself living here as my second home,” Sheree said while expressing her interest.

Additionally, Sharee Whitfield said that her investment would obviously attract more Americans to come and discover the beauties hidden in the East African country of Uganda. She intended to set up five-star lodges and apartments to cater to the tourists’ accommodations.

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In reaction to this, Isaac Kigozi the Trade and Investment Officer under the President’s office assured the actress that she had all the support she needs from the office of the President along side all the government agencies.

Such are the opportunities the country has been looking for especially the Uganda Tourism Board since the coming of one foreigner shall surely attract many for celebrities.

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