We are going to focus on teaching taxpayers their obligation-URA

The Uganda Revenge Authority, the body responsible for collecting taxes in Uganda has come out to say how it’s going to start a vigorous taxpayer educational campaign.

Most taxpayers do not know their roles and this is what the body is going to focus on.

The revelation was made by the URA commissioner general John Musinguzi Rujoki while meeting bankers. These are institutions that play a vital role in tax collection.

“We are resetting our efficiency in delivery of service. Getting a TIN should not be a difficult task. We want to simplify that. Making your tax contribution should not be a cumbersome task. We want you to do it from the comfort of your business, be it over the phone. Just like the private sector says the customer is the king, us too the tax payer is our king. Our role is to serve and so we are re-engaging our taxpayers. Listening to then more, we want to to understand their businesses and we support them as they support us in revenue collection.” Rujoki said.

Addressing the issues of harassment of tax payers and extortion which are synonymous with URA officials, Rujoki said they were embarking on a journey if integrity.

“Integrity, number one, we cannot do this task without sacred hands. Our staff are commiting themselves to the journey of integrity, the journey of professionalism and acting with cortsey.

The URA has introduced a number of measures to widen the tax base in the recent past. These include among others rental tax compliance system, digital tax stamps, fiscal receipting and invoicing system.

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