What to and what not to feed your pigs

feed your pigs

Pigs are usually known for their ability to eat nearly everything, however, in case you are aiming at having the healthy pigs, you ought to focus your energies on the feeds, every farmer ought to know what to and what not to feed their pigs.

Let us start of with what to feed your pigs so as to keep them healthy,

Commercial foods are a good option. Usually, they are prepared in the perfect ratios including grains, fruits and vegetables. That way, your animals can have a feel of various food values in just a single meal hence a healthy feeding and healthy pigs at the end of the day.

Also vegetables, fruits or even bread scraps provided they have not been in contact with any animal by products would be very nutritious and essential for pigs diet especially when they have been well prepared.

Aside from the above, leftovers from restaurants are also good. Get in contact with one of the local restaurants in your area so that instead of having them throw away their leftovers, you could utilize them for your animals.

Adding to the list are forest products such as wild vegetables, wild bananas, wild cola such as cassia, yam, forage, grasses among others. These just need to be well cooked, that way, the pigs will have a balanced diet and shall obviously be healthy.

Local distilling residues from millet, rice, maize, sweet potato, banana among others are also recommended as feeds for pigs so instead of disposing them off, you could give to your pigs as a meal.

On the other hand, there are a number of foods that are not recommended for your pig’s diet and some of these include;

Meat products especially those that have not undergone proper screening are harmful for swine. This is because they have the potential of spreading infections and diseases to your pigs so you ought to be cautious.

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Secondly, feeding pigs on carcass is equally harmful. Some examples under this category include meat blood, offals, hide or feathers. This is highly prohibited since they could contract diseases that they pass on to humans.

Conclusively, farmers ought to be weary of animals products that their pigs are feeding on since these expose them to high risks on contracting diseases while plant feeds are highly recommended for their nutritious benefits.

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